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The advantages of feeding Hunan black goat breeding Hunan Nubia black goat

The advantages of feeding Hunan black goat breeding Hunan Nubia black goat

Friends Nubia black goat grazing feeding union advantage


There are several aspects alliance Hunan black goat breeding Nubian benefits:

1.       友联农牧基地丰富的养殖经验和优良的湖南努比亚黑山羊种羊是业内最具竞争力的山羊品种,符合我国大众消费黑色食品的传统习惯。

1 union of agricultural and animal husbandry base rich farming experience and excellent Hunan Nubia black goat sheep is the industry's most competitive goat breeds, in line with food black mass consumption of China's traditional customs.

2.       专业技术员上门指导传授养殖技术,确保前期养殖顺利进行,不论运输距离多远,基地全套的技术经验轻松应对山羊运输后的应激反应和水土转换情况,山羊成活率和新环境适应性均超过同行水平。

2 professional and technical staff to ensure that the instruction of breeding technology, pre breeding smoothly, regardless of the transport distance, base a full set of technology experience easy to cope with the stress and soil and water conversion goats after transportation situation, the survival rate of the goat and the adaptability to new environment are more than the peer level.

3.       免费使用友联农牧品牌进行宣传推广(前期宣传推广费用基地负责)带动当地养殖户加盟饲养友联农牧努比(大耳)山羊,为达到迅速扩大联养群体计划,湖南黑山羊养殖基地将优先为代理加盟商调拨种羊群进行分发饲养,每成功分发一只种羊代理商可得100元以上代理管理费。(一般省或直辖市级代理分发均超过1000只以上/年)。

3 free use of union of agricultural and animal husbandry brand promotion (responsible for the early promotional costs base) to drive local farmers to join the feeding union of agricultural and animal husbandry of Nubian goat (big ear), in order to achieve the rapid expansion of combined raising group plan, Hunan black goat breeding base will be preferred as agent for franchisee allocation flock distribution feeder, every success the distribution of a sheep agents can have more than 100 yuan agency management fee. (general provincial or municipal agency distribution are more than more than 1000 / year).

4.       完善的管理体系和技术指导使联养户收益稳定,联养群体逐年扩大。

4 perfect management system and technical guidance to stock raising households income stability, combined raising population has expanded year by year.

5.       养殖回收一条龙服务,与基地签订三年内保底回收合同。达到规模产出时保证将联养户所产山羊后代全部按市场价格回收,根据品质品种要求进行分级销售(种羊,商品羊,育肥羊)。其中利润分析如下:a。育肥羊可集中育肥产生体重差价,b。种羊标准利润可过半(肉羊价格回收,种羊价格外发联养)。C.按友联农牧的技术进行饲养的山羊出肉率和肉质均高于其它山羊品种,竞争优势明显,如宣传推广得当单价均可高于市场价格。若自行屠宰销售则纯利润可高达300元/只。

5 aquaculture recycling all in one service, sign the contract guaranteed recovery within three years and base. Reach scale output will guarantee combined raising households produced goats all offspring according to market price recovery, according to the quality of varieties requires grading sales (sheep, commodity sheep, sheep fattening). The profit analysis are as follows: a. Fattening sheep fattening weight difference can be concentrated to produce, B. Standard profit (sheep sheep half price recovery, price Lian raise sheep hair). C. according to the friends of animal husbandry technology union goats reared meat percentage and meat quality were higher than that of the other goat breeds, obvious competitive advantages, such as the promotion of appropriate price may be higher than the market price. If the self slaughter sales net profit can be as high as 300 yuan / only.

6.       养殖全程无忧,良性循环发展。A。基地根据各分场需要统一安排专业疫苗,药品,牧草种,机器设备等一切山羊养殖所需消耗品。品质优良,全部产家直接成本价格配送,养殖成本和收益均可控制自如。B。基地每年开展最新养殖技术推广交流会,各联盟养殖商均可免费参加,参会期间可与全国各山羊养殖投资商进行交流,拓展您的人脉,提升业内影响力,海量业内信息尽揽于怀。C。根据发展需要在未来1-2年内基地派副总经理一名协助做推广销售管理,友联农牧全套的联养成功经验和管理知识引领你步入联养推广高速路。实现轻松养殖,科学发展,互利双赢。

6 aquaculture carefree, a virtuous circle of development. A. According to the unified arrangement of base breakout need professional vaccines, drugs, forage species, machinery equipment and consumables required for all goat breeding. Excellent quality, all production home direct cost price distribution, breeding costs and benefits can be controlled freely. B. Every year to carry out the new breeding technology base to promote the exchange of the alliance, producers will be free to participate, during meetings can communicate with the national each goat breeding investment, expand your contacts, promote the industry influence, massive information in the industry do embrace in the bosom. C. According to the needs of development in the next 1-2 years base sent a deputy general manager and assist to do the promotion of sales management, the union of agricultural and animal husbandry full set combined raising successful experience and the management of knowledge lead you into the combined raising promote high-speed road. Realize the easy breeding, scientific development, mutual benefit and win-win.